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"30+ Sites for Students Who Finish Early" has been a pretty popular post. 10,000+ views! This tells me that teachers (including me) need enrichment sites for students who finish early or for their free computer time. That’s why I’m working on a website for kids that features not only these links but tons more.  I’m adding them now. I definitely think its a bit more student friendly.

If you would like a sneak peek at the new KB…Konnected Kids click on the image below. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions for sites?

I will no longer be adding links to this post. I will add them directly to KB…Konnected Kids. Hope you and your students stop by!

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 From previous post: ”If your students are anything like mine they can get into a lot of mischief if they don’t have something to do, even in a short amount of time. These are sites that are fun, will engage them creatively, as well as intellectually, and also keep them out of trouble.”

I just added 10 more sites to my list from a previous post. I know some classrooms are using this list because they come to my old post every week. I occasionally add a few more sites  for them. I don’t know any of their grade levels or interests so I just try to mix it up. It seems they must find things they like because they keep coming back.

Here are the links that I have added so far.

…and there’s no cleanup!


Just added! (again)

WooHoo!!! (Adding for March) 
Added June 2011

Just added…30+ Sites for LOVEly Students!

Adding this for the Winter Season…Happy Holidays!

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Alex Gross  collects old portrait cards of average people and paints them over with characters from our pop culture heritage. Like all these superheroes. He’s also done Star Trek and Star Wars. Which are in this awesome book by Ginkgo Press. 

Fabulous pop art.

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Life of Grass by Mathilde Roussel

Organic sculptures made of soil and wheat grass seeds.


Papier-mâché sculptures by Lauren Clay

Awesome Art made of paper mâché !



Makes me smile. 😊

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Amazing photography! Love the concept.